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Software development is an important element of technology and one which we will look into some considerable detail here at tec-mania.ch. One of the most interesting topics in this area at the moment has been the decision by Adobe to end support for their Flash product. Adobe Flash has been a popular for a number of years, and it’s technology has enabled developers to create fabulous looking applications. Flash has been used in everything from mobile casino games to video and graphics. The decision to move away from Flash must have been a difficult decision for Adobe to make.

However, the writing may well have been on the wall for a number of years. Apple devices have had some well document compatibility issues with Flash for some time now. The development of HTML5 has also contributed to Adobe Flash’s demise, and the uptake of this technology has enabled developers a viable alternative to Adobe Flash.

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The concept of gambling has existed as one form or another in our society for thousands of years. Evidence of gambling goes as far back as 3000 B.C., when a pair of dice was found inside an ancient Egyptian tomb. From the dusty tombs of Egypt to the high end gambling houses of 15th century Italy to 1940s New York slot machines — gambling has changed and adapted countless times. In the past two decades, it is beginning to undergo yet another change.

The inception of the internet transformed the world, and the way we play casino games and gamble had to transform as well. Brick-and-mortar casinos are quickly being overshadowed and replaced by the variety and convenience of online casinos. This transition from natural to online has been growing at a rapid pace since the first online casino games were created in the mid-1990s. In 2009 the online gambling market was valued at around $20 billion USD. Now it’s valued at over $47 billion USD. The market has more than doubled in under a decade, and with an estimated value of $81 billion USD by 2022, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Online gambling is legal in over 80 countries around the world, with European countries leading the way in terms of popularity. Despite the growing rate of online casinos, their brick-and-mortar counterparts are still more lucrative. Due to government restrictions, online gambling isn’t as prevalent in some parts of the world such as Asia and Africa, but given the immense profit to be gained, worldwide online gambling is only a matter of time.

With the current state of our tech-driven society, it’s not surprising that more than half of the U.S. population use the internet via their mobile devices as opposed to their desktops. The online casino community has taken full advantage of the world’s smart phone obsession by creating games and technology that is better suited for mobile platforms. Their ability to adapt has been paying off —the estimated revenues from mobile gambling will reach $100 billion USD by the end of 2017.

The convenience and easy use of mobile casino games makes it an obvious choice for gambling enthusiasts. Instead of traveling to the nearest land casino or being restricted to your living room, you can play your favorite casino games anywhere and anytime. In addition to convenience, online casinos offer special bonuses and promotions that are only available to mobile users. The advancement in technology means that you can play your favorite mobile games on a variety of popular platform including Android and iOS.

While mobile games may have a wide range of compatibility now, this was not always the case. If you have any level of familiarity with online games or online multimedia, then you have most likely encountered something (a game, a video, a website, etc.) that has needed the use of a flash player to work. Adobe Flash is software that allows users to view all sorts of multimedia, such as videos, games, and applications. However, Adobe Flash hasn’t been able to keep up with the changing demands of mobile technology and mobile users. Perhaps Adobe Flash’s biggest drawback is its lack of compatibility. While Flash can be used on desktops and Android devices, it has never been compatible with Apple products. In addition to limited compatibility, Flash software is much more draining on a device’s power, and, unlike a desktop, conserving battery life is crucial when using a mobile device. Flash’s security leaves a lot to be desired as well. When playing casino games, the security of your information is essential. The world of mobile games and technology is fast-paced and often changing; Adobe Flash may have been the obvious choice in the beginning, but will soon be obsolete due to its inability to adapt to changing needs. In 2010 Steve Jobs penned an open letter outlining all of Flash’s many faults, and developers have been moving away from the software ever since. In fact, Adobe no longer allocates funds to the development of Flash —they’ve moved onto newer, better things.

The most recent advancement in multimedia is the use of HTML5. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and was released in 2014. HTML5 delivers in all of the areas that Adobe Flash falls short. Firstly, the structuring of HTML5 ensures that users will not need any additional plug-ins in order to view and use videos, games, etc. Not only is annoying extra software unnecessary, but you can use HTML5 on virtually any device. Many of the leading browsers support HTML5 including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Unlike Flash, Apple products and HTML5 are compatible, so it doesn’t matter if you have an Android phone and iPad —you can play your favorite casino games on either thanks to HTML5.

The superiority of HTML5 over Flash is obvious, so much so that many games that were originally created to run with the use of Flash are being converted to work with HTML5. Since the creation of HTML5, there hasn’t been an easier way to play your favorite online games. To see benefits for yourself, try any of the many great HTML5 mobile casino games at this website: http://onlinecasinocarnival.net/mobile-casinos/.

As mentioned earlier, the world of online casinos and gambling is expanding at a rapid rate, and staying up-to-date on all the latest news and trends can be exhausting. We here at tec-mania.ch hope our website can help alleviate some of the frustration. Our goal is to sift through the seemingly endless amount of information surrounding online gambling, gaming, game creations, and other important technology areas to bring you only the most relevant, useful details. We understand that not everyone has the time to be constantly scouring the internet for the newest advancements in technology, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide useful resources on a variety of interesting technological topics. Whether you’re a game developer looking for the latest software or a novice casino game player looking for some great games, Tec-mania.ch is here to help guide you in the right direction.