Welcome to tec-mania.ch. We have a number of ambitions with the site. The primary focus of tec-mania.ch will be to provide technological information on a number of interesting and relevant topics. We hope that these technological issues will be current and of considerable interest to our site’s visitors.

We are particularly interested in how technology has changed the world. With that in mind we aim to look at a number of interesting topics.

Software development is an important element of technology and one which we will look into some considerable detail here at tec-mania.ch. One of the most interesting topics in this area at the moment has been the decision by Adobe to end support for their Flash product. Adobe Flash has been a popular for a number of years, and it’s technology has enabled developers to create fabulous looking applications. Flash has been used in everything from mobile casino games to video and graphics. The decision to move away from Flash must have been a difficult decision for Adobe to make.

However, the writing may well have been on the wall for a number of years. Apple devices have had some well document compatibility issues with Flash for some time now. The development of HTML5 has also contributed to Adobe Flash’s demise, and the uptake of this technology has enabled developers a viable alternative to Adobe Flash.